• Jordan Weitzman / A First Exhibition

    Through portraits of friends, lovers and family, Montreal photographer Jordan Weitzman creates a personal and multi-layered record of his intimacy with others. In these photographs, we see him […]

  • Ian Ruhter / Silver & Light

    This project was created with the same spirit that America was founded on. Our intentions are to connect everyone in america through the lens of this camera and social networking sites. […]

  • Brandon Thibodeaux / When Morning Comes

    This video project is a representation of my ongoing project entitled When Morning Comes. It is a reflection of life in the Mississippi Delta and a testament to the dignity and grace of those souls […]

  • J A Mortram / Small Town Inertia

    I’ve followed the lives of several people within a 3 mile radius of the Market Town where I live in Dereham, East Anglia for the past 3 years. […]

  • Alain Laboile / Street Family

    I’m a father of six. My chidren are my subject. It’s a limitless subject. I just have to look… children are creative… you just need to be there waiting for things to happen in the frame and click. […]

  • A Conversation with Roger Ballen

    A conversation between Roger Ballen and Eva Wollenberg.

  • Arimin Karami / A Public Hanging

    EXPLICIT CONTENT: may not be suitable for all audiences. A man is hanged after being convicted of killing four members of a family, in Qazvin, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) northwest of the capital Tehran, Iran.

  • Filippo Mutani / Girls From Kiev

    Filippo Mutani started his professional photography in 2008, after more than ten years working for advertising. After joining Grazia Neri agency in Milan, in 2009 he became a worldwide […]

  • Luca Desienna / My Dearest Javanese Concubine

    EXPLICIT CONTENT: may not be suitable for all audiences. One of the most controversial love story ever told… the story of Tira and Gunawan. Tira was a pre-op 48 years old transgender disfigured […]

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Georges Salameh / Farewell

“Athens, I’m Listening” is a series of photographs and texts produced over a period of 8 years (1998-2006), living and learning to observe the urban […]

12/31/11 • One Shot

Mike Berube / Downturn

In the midst of global recession widespread poverty has impacted rural parts of Canada affected by the layoffs and factory closures, forcing many to be evicted from their homes and factories to close. This project […]

12/21/11 • Video

Lisa Hogben / Cross Dogs

Always a place where you could get a good coffee, in what was once the cultural abyss of Australian life, Kings Cross was my backyard as a very young child. This image is from a series called Cross Dogs […]

12/20/11 • One Shot

Geoff L Johnson / Gator Hunt

Geoff L Johnson lives in Savannah, GA. This is one of two gators (both over 10 feet in length) brought in on this Saturday morning during a hunt near […]

12/18/11 • One Shot

David Alan Harvey / One Night In Rio

“One Night in Rio” is the culmination of a couple of years of work by David Alan Harvey on the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. His latest trip has served as a vehicle for a variety of purposes. Foremost, […]

12/10/11 • One Shot

이경희 / Kyunghee Lee / Communication

2,500 years ago, Chinese philosopher Tao said that “communication is making a connection to oblivion.” Oblivion is to empty oneself and to be in other’s shoes. […]

12/10/11 • One Shot

Christopher Wray-McCann / SNAP!

Christopher Wray-McCann began making photographs at the age of 16 while attending the Interlochen Arts Academy in the north woods of Michigan. In the years since, he has gone around the world […]

12/10/11 • Video

Hillary Atiyeh / Julia and Cosmo

Deep within the forests of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon thrives a community of approximately 70 people that live amidst the largest proliferation of Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest. […]

12/10/11 • One Shot

Brian Widdis and Romain Blanquart / Can’t Forget the Motor City

The global media and many visiting photographers see Detroit as an abandoned and dead city. We are shown picture after picture of our modern ruins, […]

12/10/11 • Essay