Jordan Weitzman / A First Exhibition

Through portraits of friends, lovers and family, Montreal photographer Jordan Weitzman creates a personal and multi-layered record of his intimacy with others. In these photographs, we see him […]

09/19/13 • Portfolio

Alain Laboile / Street Family

I’m a father of six. My chidren are my subject. It’s a limitless subject. I just have to look… children are creative… you just need to be there waiting for things to happen in the frame and click. […]

09/10/12 • Portfolio

A Conversation with Roger Ballen

A conversation between Roger Ballen and Eva Wollenberg.

07/09/12 • Portfolio

Meryem Yildiz / The Liminal

“The liminal: it’s what keeps me alive, it’s what stimulates me. It’s what makes my heart beat in that musical cadence well-known to the pink-cheeked. It’s those border moments where emerging dimensions […]

03/26/12 • Portfolio

Sion Fullana / The Island Within

As a man who was born on a Mediterranean island, for which my own curiosity had outgrown, I found myself arriving in Manhattan… this new and bigger island, in 2006. This fulfilled my childhood […]

01/29/12 • Portfolio