One Shot

Eva Wollenberg / Seismogram

Thrust out your tongue as snakes do to better feel presence flash your emotions and then recoil in case of war. Only the beloved sanctifies you but these are pleasures people mustn’t get to know about in case of war. […]

03/05/12 • One Shot

Chris Bickford / After the Storm

Chris just wrapped up shooting an expanded version of After the Storm, which will be published in the summer of 2012. It will include over 100 photographs, plus a portrait gallery […]

01/15/12 • One Shot

Georges Salameh / Farewell

“Athens, I’m Listening” is a series of photographs and texts produced over a period of 8 years (1998-2006), living and learning to observe the urban […]

12/31/11 • One Shot

Lisa Hogben / Cross Dogs

Always a place where you could get a good coffee, in what was once the cultural abyss of Australian life, Kings Cross was my backyard as a very young child. This image is from a series called Cross Dogs […]

12/20/11 • One Shot

Geoff L Johnson / Gator Hunt

Geoff L Johnson lives in Savannah, GA. This is one of two gators (both over 10 feet in length) brought in on this Saturday morning during a hunt near […]

12/18/11 • One Shot

David Alan Harvey / One Night In Rio

“One Night in Rio” is the culmination of a couple of years of work by David Alan Harvey on the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. His latest trip has served as a vehicle for a variety of purposes. Foremost, […]

12/10/11 • One Shot

이경희 / Kyunghee Lee / Communication

2,500 years ago, Chinese philosopher Tao said that “communication is making a connection to oblivion.” Oblivion is to empty oneself and to be in other’s shoes. […]

12/10/11 • One Shot

Hillary Atiyeh / Julia and Cosmo

Deep within the forests of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon thrives a community of approximately 70 people that live amidst the largest proliferation of Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest. […]

12/10/11 • One Shot

Bob Black / From the Series, “When The Sky Was Colors”

Photographs are but a trace, a small breath of not only all that we have seen and heard and felt but of all that shuttled and shifted before and around us. […]

12/10/11 • One Shot