Photo Essays

Brandon Thibodeaux / When Morning Comes

This video project is a representation of my ongoing project entitled When Morning Comes. It is a reflection of life in the Mississippi Delta and a testament to the dignity and grace of those souls […]

11/05/12 • Essay

J A Mortram / Small Town Inertia

I’ve followed the lives of several people within a 3 mile radius of the Market Town where I live in Dereham, East Anglia for the past 3 years. […]

10/31/12 • Essay

Arimin Karami / A Public Hanging

EXPLICIT CONTENT: may not be suitable for all audiences. A man is hanged after being convicted of killing four members of a family, in Qazvin, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) northwest of the capital Tehran, Iran.

05/31/12 • Essay

Filippo Mutani / Girls From Kiev

Filippo Mutani started his professional photography in 2008, after more than ten years working for advertising. After joining Grazia Neri agency in Milan, in 2009 he became a worldwide […]

04/04/12 • Essay

Luca Desienna / My Dearest Javanese Concubine

EXPLICIT CONTENT: may not be suitable for all audiences. One of the most controversial love story ever told… the story of Tira and Gunawan. Tira was a pre-op 48 years old transgender disfigured […]

03/28/12 • Essay

Tomeu Coll / Badlands

The lands surrounding the place where I live most of the time are full of hidden mysteries. I started to photograph these mysteries many years ago without any idea in my mind, just for the pleasure to do it. […]

03/20/12 • Essay

Sofía López Mañán / Anonymous

Sofía López Mañán was born in Argentina in 1982 and holds degrees in fine arts, photojournalism and direction of photography. Her work is focused in intimate stories that develop identity issues. In some cases work […]

03/16/12 • Essay

Olivier Pin-Fat / Dead Light

“We have never been confronted by such images, which are so direct, so devoid of romanticism and yet so sensitive at the same time. Pin-Fat presents his work in gigantic albums, which refer more to the format […]

03/10/12 • Essay

Marco Vernaschi / Biophilia

Marco Vernaschi is an Italian photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His previous work, Placebo was exhibited in 2011 at 54th Venice Biennale, and will […]

02/14/12 • Essay