Jordan Weitzman / A First Exhibition

Posted September 19, 2013


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Jordan Weitzman is a photographer living Montréal, Canada.

Through portraits of friends, lovers and family, Montreal photographer Jordan Weitzman creates a personal and multi-layered record of his intimacy with others. In these photographs, we see him struggle, reflect upon and come to terms with the recurrent confusion characteristic of one’s early 20’s. Sexual confusion, vanity, desires to affirm one’s individuality, uncertainties and anxieties are present in the subjects as well as in the artist, whose camera becomes a tool for seeking and questioning. The result is an honest, unaffected group of photographs that are as much an introspection as they are expressive, intimate portraits. In one photograph, we see a young man reveal a large half-finished tattoo of a monstrous face covering his back. The half-face stares at the viewer, seemingly uncertain of its own existence, left hanging in the abyss of an ambivalent youth. Behind him, the unfinished image of a mountain is painted on the wall in fiery hues echoing the colours of the monster. Colours, for Weitzman, are emotionally conductive substances. They rise up like performers, swell and invade the scenes, giving them distinct moods and atmospheres. His reds, pinks, cyans and ochres seem febrile and anxious, filled with the unstable chemistry of his subjects.

Born in Montreal in 1984, Weitzman studied business and worked in real estate for a decade before becoming interested in photography. This interest quickly developed into a passion for the medium, and a powerful way for him to apprehend the world and his relationships with others. His investigation of the photographic language in an ongoing one.

Opening Reception Thursday, September 18, 2013 at Galerie Espace, Montréal.