Alain Laboile / Street Family

Posted September 10, 2012

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 Alain Laboile is a sculptor living in Arbis, France.

I’m a father of six. My chidren are my subject. It’s a limitless subject.

I just have to look… children are creative… you just need to be there waiting for things to happen in the frame and click.

Today my children are moving and playing in their own environment. Their spontaneous behaviors are my privileged motives. My photography looks like a kind of daily diary.

If there is emotion, the picture is good… even if it is a little bit fuzzy or poorly framed. In my opinion that’s not a problem. Emotions may arise from ordinary situations… from little things referring to ourselves. That’s why family as a photography subject is constantly renewing itself.

I like the expression people tell me on the internet, that my photos are Street Family. I’m quite fascinated by street photography (see HCSP group on Flickr). It isn’t something I can practice because I live in the countryside, but I find my work quite close to this spirit there.

There are similarities in the crude side and spontaneous situations photographed. These are pieces of life that transcribe a certain reality.