Meryem Yildiz / The Liminal

Posted March 26, 2012

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Meryem Yildiz currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

“The liminal: it’s what keeps me alive, it’s what stimulates me. It’s what makes my heart beat in that musical cadence well-known to the pink-cheeked. It’s those border moments where emerging dimensions form and where frontiers graze upon one another with synaptic synergy. It’s the language that’s not quite familiar and not quite foreign – yet one that’s inevitably understood by those on the edge of its words, or those who are not shy to bring forth their arms in that embrace where skin titillates not from the touch, but from the soul.”

—Meryem Yildiz

As half-French Canadian and half-Turkish, Meryem Yildiz has always felt at a crossroads. In between lines, moments and spaces, she bridges the divide through her photography, where discourse and code assume both roles of disclosure and discretion. She holds a BA in psychology and a graduate diploma in translation — a training in parallel that she necessarily applies to her work.