Sofía López Mañán / Anonymous

Posted March 16, 2012

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Sofía López Mañán
lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Every garden holds secrets. A person that seeks not be seen, an anonymous by night and day. We hide from ourselves, from our own fears.

A girl covered by a fur coat, shrouded in bell shaped leaves. Individuality remains veiled and insoluble.

Wallpaper of trees, rectangular and circular patterns.

Indoors in silence, uninhabited by the forgotten, once lost.
On a rock a piece of meadow covered by flowers, on it two figures absorbed in each other.

A suicide held.

Trees, stairs, private obsessions.
The room seems still, set in space, petrified in its ornament.

Surfaces polished in colour. Allegories and desires.

—Laeticia Mello

Sofía López Mañán was born in Argentina in 1982 and holds degrees in fine arts, photojournalism and direction of photography. Her work is focused in intimate stories that develop identity issues. In some cases work is based on her on life.

In 2011 she received a grant to participate on the Foundry Photojournalist Workshop and the Buenos Aires Photo Workshop. Her work has been displayed in various single and group exhibitions in Argentina and Spain and was recently selected to participate in LimaPhoto 2012.

Currently, she is a freelance photographer who collaborates with local and international media and on self-initiated projects.