Georges Salameh / Farewell

Posted December 31, 2011

Georges Salameh lives in Palermo, Sicily.

“Athens, I’m Listening” is a series of photographs and texts produced over a period of 8 years (1998-2006), living and learning to observe the urban world in this chaotic city. But my photographic storytelling expanded also to other cities around the globe, always listening to them through the filter of “Athens”.

Speaking of his work, Georges says:

“My photos, short narrative movies, experimental videos or creative documentaries are more like essays, attempts, written words as a tale, a story or a letter to a friend, sincere moments, things said and left unsaid, all a pilgrimage towards reminiscence and oblivion.

I try to show a flash of truth, to touch an unfolding reality with a camera that “listens”, to shape projects as intuitive responses to emotionally resonant ideas.

My point of view is always searching for the right distance from faces, objects or scapes and it provokes the unexpected by suspense.”

Georges Salameh, Athenian citizen, was born in Beirut on February 1, 1973. He studied film in Paris. Since 2006, he has been living in Palermo, Sicily.

HJ: This shot seemed a fitting way to say “Farewell” to 2011. We’re looking forward to really great things in the coming year, so let’s give a warm welcome to 2012!