Geoff L Johnson / Gator Hunt

Posted December 18, 2011

Geoff L Johnson lives in Savannah, GA.

This is one of two gators (both over 10 feet in length) brought in on this Saturday morning during a hunt near Savannah, GA. They will be processed and refrigerated, the skin and meat sold and the head mounted.

This hunt was led by Trapper Jack Douglas, a licensed hunter and nuisance animal trapper for Chatham County. Hunts can happen during the day or night and the necessary tools include hand-held ropes, snatch hooks, harpoons, or arrows with a restraining line attached. The gators were dispatched by handgun immediately upon capture. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the hunt is “…a totally hands-on, eye-to-eye hunting adventure unlike any other hunting experience you can pursue in Georgia.”

The entire series can be found here.