Hillary Atiyeh / Julia and Cosmo

Posted December 10, 2011

Hillary Atiyeh lives in Portland, OR.

Deep within the forests of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon thrives a community of approximately 70 people that live amidst the largest proliferation of Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest. The members of the Breitenbush Community provide a healing retreat and conference center which promotes holistic health, spiritual growth, and facilitates the gathering of people. According to their credo, they are committed to the health and well-being of themselves and their families, to live, work, play, and grow together harmoniously. They are committed to being socially, spiritually, politically and environmentally responsible. Breitenbush was my home for 4 years and I have returned with my camera and film to document the land and the lifestyle of a community living in harmony with nature, sustained by it’s own natural resources.

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